February 15, 2022
New AC in Amherst, NY

When you’re ready to get a new air conditioning system, it’s a good idea to pay attention to timing. Buying and installing your system at certain times can be more convenient and provide you with more savings. If you ask most experts, they’ll tell you the ideal time to get a new AC system is usually in the spring or occasionally in the fall. Why are these the best times? Purchasing an air conditioning system during the off-season comes with many benefits.

Avoid Unpleasant Surprises in Summer

If you’re replacing an older system, it’s certainly a good idea to buy your new unit right before summer starts. Most older models break down at the beginning of summer when their already aging parts are put under a lot of wear and tear. This tends to lead to an unpleasant time where everyone in the family just has to sit around sweating until an HVAC technician arrives. If you want to avoid all this stress and inconvenience, go ahead and replace your unit in the spring. This lets you feel confident that you’ll have a new, functional system right before the hottest part of the year. During the sunny summer months, you can enjoy crisp, refreshing air inside of your home.

Get Better Deals

Many people assume that during the winter, they can find the cheapest air conditioners because no one needs an AC unit during those months. However, historically, the best deals for AC units actually occur in early spring. Most HVAC companies release new AC models near the beginning of the year. Then, they need to make space for all of their new products, so they put the slightly older models on sale. Typically, you can find very impressive savings when you shop in the spring. This is also true for HVAC installers. Since most companies have a lower volume of customers in the spring, they frequently offer deals and promotions during those months. You can save on installation costs and potentially get other financial perks like a year of discounted maintenance.

Have Time to Shop Around

If you wait to buy an air conditioner until summer, you’ll probably be feeling fairly desperate. When you’re feeling hot and sweaty, you’ll be tempted to rush out and buy the first halfway-decent air conditioner you can find. This makes it harder to choose wisely. You might have to buy at an inflated price, or you might accidentally buy a model that’s the wrong size. In the spring, you don’t have such a sense of urgency, so it’s easier to browse models. You can take the time to get quotes from various installers, arrange visits with salespeople, and really see if a product is right for you.

Save Money on Your Utility Bills

Thanks to recent advancements in HVAC technology, new systems tend to be highly efficient. From a financial and eco-friendly standpoint, it’s a good idea to get a newer system as soon as possible. If you try to wait through summer to get a new air conditioner, you’ll continue to use an inefficient system that wastes fuel. By adding your AC unit to your home ahead of time, you can enter the cooling season with an efficient model. This can greatly lower the amount of energy you use, so you’ll save money on your utility bills.

Schedule a Faster Installation

Since most HVAC systems aren’t used as much during the spring and fall, HVAC companies aren’t quite as busy. This can be a good thing for homeowners looking to install a new air conditioner. By picking a time when an HVAC company isn’t busy with other repairs and installations, you can get more convenient service. Since they have more free time, HVAC technicians find it easier to work with your schedule and pick an installation time that suits your needs. They might also be able to spare more technicians for the installation, so it can get done quicker. Just keep in mind that local temperatures will have a big impact on your installation options. For example, if temperatures warm up quicker than usual, the summer rush might come earlier than expected.

If you’re considering getting a new air conditioner for your home, Heatwave Heating & Cooling is here to help. Our team can assist you with picking out an appropriate unit and installing it in your house. We also help Amherst residents with a variety of other services, including repairs and maintenance, and we work on a variety of heating and cooling systems. To schedule an appointment, get in touch with us today.

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