The “Go The Extra Degree” Wave membership is like your home’s heating and cooling security blanket.

Join the club


  • Priority service. A qualified technician will be sent to your home quicker.
  • Semi-annual system check-up ensures that your heating and air conditioning system continues to run at peak performance.
  • Membership discount on all repairs.
    • Discounted diagnostic charge.
    • Peace of mind assurance against unexpected breakdowns. One of our professionals will identify and solve existing issues with your system before they escalate and become costly.
  • Extended equipment longevity. A well maintained system has a longer lifespan.
  • Improved operating efficiency. A well maintained system runs more efficiently, using less energy and fuel.
  • Improved air quality. A well maintained HVAC system promotes clean air.
Ask your Heatwave Comfort Specialist or Comfort Technician for more information on how going the extra degree with the Wave Membership will keep your family and your home safe and comfortable in every Western New York season.