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    Heatwave Heating & Cooling is standing by to replace heater systems for homeowners across Amherst, NY. Of course, replacing a whole heat pump or furnace is a big step and should only be taken on professional advice.

    Heating Installation Experts in Amherst, NYWe can give experienced heating installation advice without pressuring you into a decision either way. Have us over for a comprehensive inspection first!

    We’re proud to say that we:

    We’re also certified by the EPA, which just goes to show how dedicated we are to energy efficiency. Whatever work we do won’t harm you or the environment either. Besides all this, we deal a lot with products that boast the Energy Star label. But rest assured that it doesn’t matter what your current system’s make or model is.

    Replace Your Heater with the Amherst Pros

    Amherst residents who wish to replace heaters and thermostats can trust us for all sorts of options. But first, consider when would be a good time for a replacement. After all, there may be some life left in your heater. What would be more cost-effective in the short and long-run? This is what our technicians will help you determine. If the system is old and frequently breaking down, then we’ll recommend a new one.

    Heater Replacement Services in Amherst, NY

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    Of course, our Amherst company won’t replace heaters and components without first finding out what size unit would be right. Oversized units will short cycle, which means switch on and off rapidly, while undersized units will take forever to do their job. In both cases, what you’ll get is less heat and more wear and tear on the system.

    So we’ll narrow down the options after a load calculation based on Manual J. This is one of the ways we go the extra degree for customers. Then comes the installation process, which will be hassle-free. Worried about your flooring? No need to be since our technicians all wear pink shoe coverings.

    Benefits of Amherst Heating Installation

    If you choose an Energy Star product, you can expect added savings from efficiency. Then, there’s the added benefit of peace of mind. We carefully screen our technicians, settling for nothing less than the best. We make every effort to ensure our services are the best for our customers!

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    For your heating installation in Amherst, turn to Heatwave Heating & Cooling. We do a lot more, though! For example, we offer heating repairs, maintenance, and even AC installations. To learn more, please call us today!