It’s our mission to go the extra degree for you, our customer. And in going the extra degree we all have different roles to play, from technicians that enter your home to work on your heating and cooling system, to our support staff that takes your phone calls and schedules the appointments.

We created the Heatwave Spotlight because we think it’s important to share the stories of our incredible employees who ensure that we are always going the extra degree.

Tessa Sweeney
Service Technician

Anna Turski
Service Technician

Amanda Gangloff (Accounting)
Director of Finance

Melinda Ben
Customer Relations Manager

Jake Castricone
Senior Service Technician

Brian Kistner
Comfort Specialist

Barry Wallace
Operations Manager

Jacob Falcone

Ken Edmister
Service Technician

Bob Myer
Director of Training

Luis Folch

Rob Rivera
Service Technician
Dave Lombardo
Warehouse Manager
Owen Cloy

Philip Stevenson