March 8, 2021
Family in winter

During cold winter days, people tend to spend more time snuggling indoors. As a result, you may run your heating system for an extended period to recirculate warm air, which results in high utility bills. Energy has thus become a very expensive necessity in most households.

Luckily, there are various procedures that you can implement to reduce these heating costs. Here are ways to conserve heat in your house while still maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures during winter.

1. Have Your Heating System Serviced Annually

You need to schedule your heating system’s tune-up services just before the cold season. Have a technician clean the entire unit, change the filters and even replace any worn-out components. The technician will check the coils, oil all the moving parts, and examine electrical connections. It keeps your unit running efficiently, lowering the utility bills. If you have an old furnace, replace it with a highly efficient model. Although it might seem expensive, the savings on energy bills will pay for the new unit’s purchase and installations over a few years.

2. Install a Programmable Thermostat

Switch to a smart thermostat and set it to coordinate with your schedules. Program it to lower the house temperature when you are out of the house or while sleeping and raise the rooms to a comfortable temperature when you wake up or come back from work. This way, you will not waste energy. Additionally, lowering your thermostat setting leads to a significant drop in energy bills, and you won’t even notice the temperature change.

3. Use a Ceiling Fan

If you have a ceiling fan, you can use it in reverse mode to recirculate warm air throughout the house. Look for a small switch located beneath the fan and set it to spin in a clockwise direction. Run the fan at a low speed to pull up cold air in the room and allow the hot air trapped at the ceiling to travel down and around the house. It helps reduce the heating system running time which cuts on utility costs.

4. Seal Any Air Leaks and Insulate

Your house can lose a substantial amount of heat through openings on the windows and doors. It’s therefore essential that you test your windows and doors for leaks before the beginning of winter. If you notice that air is seeping out from such spaces, you can add weather stripping. Additionally, insulate your ceilings and attic to prevent warm air from seeping out. Using rugs in the rooms helps insulate the floor by trapping cold air underneath to prevent it from seeping up.

5. Use Your Curtains Well

Although there is less sun during the winter, it doesn’t entirely go away, and you need to make use of the few sunny days. Draw the curtains or blinds for south-facing windows to allow the sun to heat the house naturally during the day. Remember to keep trees and shrubs trimmed during winter so that they don’t obstruct sunlight. At nightfall, shut your curtains to prevent the entry of cold air. If you have any large glass door, add a curtain to provide another insulation layer.

6. Close Unused Rooms

If you have extra rooms that you hardly or never use, there is no need to heat them. Close the doors and windows in such places to prevent warm air from getting in. Remember also to block the vent and the door space. By heating only the occupied rooms, it helps reduce your energy bills.

7. Rearrange Your Furniture

Check to ensure that you aren’t blocking the vents or radiators with your furniture. When you have obstructions like couches or beds bear the heating vent, your unit will have to work extremely hard to provide the desired temperature, which results in high utility bills. Rearrange your furniture to improve the airflow in all the rooms so that heat can travel freely.

Bottom Line

There are various simple adjustments that you can make in your house to reduce energy use and save on utility bills during winter. However, some significant projects like heating system maintenance or replacements require a professional approach. If you need help in improving your house’s energy efficiency, you can reach out to Heatwave Heating & Cooling.

We offer various services, including furnace and AC installation, repair, and maintenance. Our company also provides ductless repair, generator installation, boiler, smart home, and ductless systems installations. You can access our services if you reside in Amherst, NY, and the surrounding regions. Call our friendly representatives today and book an appointment to enjoy our high-quality services.

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