HVAC with Jake #1

The ground around my house is still settling causing my air conditioning unit to tilt on its pad. Should I be concerned?

HVAC with Jake #2

What is a service technician looking for on a maintenance call? What questions should the homeowner be prepared to answer?

HVAC with Jake #3

How long will an old air conditioning unit keep running before it needs to be replaced?

HVAC with Jake #4

What are you doing on a maintenance call for an air conditioning unit?

HVAC with Jake #5

Should the outside unit be covered in the winter?

HVAC with Jake #6

How do I protect my unit in the winter from falling icicles?

HVAC with Jake #7

Can I work on my our HVAC system myself? Leave it to the pros.

HVAC with Jake #8

Wires are exposed? Should I be concerned? What wires do what?

HVAC with Jake #9

How does the refrigeration work on the condenser? What are the roles of the lines that go from unit into my house?

HVAC with Jake #10

Should I worry about the installation coming off the copper line to my condenser (air conditioning unit outside)? How does my condenser work cooling unit work? What do the cables do?

HVAC with Jake #11

Example of what you look for on maintenance call?

HVAC with Jake #12

What is the most common reason an air conditioning unit fails?

HVAC with Jake #13

What does a dirty filter look like and what gets it dirty?

HVAC with Jake #14

What direction should my air filter replacement face?

HVAC with Jake #15

Why replace the system air filter and how often?

HVAC with Jake #16

Should I wait to use my heating or cooling equipment for the season until I get the annual maintenance check? NO!

HVAC with Jake #17

What should I look out for indicating a potential problem with my cooling system?

HVAC with Jake #18

Where is my gas shutoff in case of emergency?