January 31, 2024

Author: Jake Castricone
Senior Service Technician

What are you doing on a maintenance call for an air conditioning unit?

There can be a buildup of dust, debris, and even some unwanted guests – tiny bugs and critters.

Now, these little critters might seem harmless, but their presence inside the unit can actually cause big problems. With voltages ranging from 240 to 400 volts in here (depending on the component, like the capacitor or contactor), even a small bug touching a wire can lead to a short circuit. This could damage the wiring or even cause a fire hazard.

That’s why I use a brush to carefully clean everything out. It not only removes the dust and debris, but it also allows me to check all the electrical connections for any looseness or damage. Cracks or loose terminals can all be potential hazards, and catching them early can save you a future service call.

I’ll do the same for any other connections I find that need attention. It’s all about ensuring your air conditioner runs smoothly and safely for years to come!

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