January 31, 2024

Author: Jake Castricone
Senior Service Technician

What is a service technician looking for on a maintenance call? What questions should the homeowner be prepared to answer?

No matter if your appliance is brand new or a 15 years old, I always approach it with the assumption that there might be a hidden issue lurking beneath the surface. This helps me avoid tunnel vision, where you assume something can’t have problems based solely on its age.

I challenge myself to find that hidden issue before it turns into a major headache. If I strike out, that’s fantastic news – your appliance is running great. But if I do uncover something, we can address it early on before it escalates.

I always involve the homeowner in the process. You live with your appliances day in and day out, so your observations are invaluable. If you notice anything unusual, like strange noises when it turns off or unusual behavior, don’t hesitate to share – those clues can lead us straight to the culprit.

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