April 4, 2019

As warmer weather approaches, you want to make sure that your home or business remains comfortable. There are a few tips to follow to ensure that your HVAC system is ready to keep your environment cool. For any additional questions or if you are experiencing any issues with your HVAC system, please reach out to the Heatwave Heating & Cooling team!

Change your air filter

One of the first things to do prior to the warm weather is to change the air filter. When an air filter is dirty it can sabotage your cooling system by causing the unit to work harder, leading to increased energy costs while diminishing the life of your system. A clean air filter is essential to an efficient HVAC system and good indoor air quality.

Clear debris from vents

Your HVAC requires proper airflow to function the way it’s intended to. Vents both inside and outside of the home play a pivotal role in your unit’s optimal function. From outside, it is best to make sure there are no leaves, dirt, plants, or other obstructions blocking the source of air. For the inside vents, make sure the vents are clear of blockages to ensure efficient home cooling.

Test your cooling unit

Before it is hot outside, make sure you turn on your air conditioning or your other choice of cooling unit. During the months when you haven’t been using the unit, something could have gone wrong and it is best to access that prior to when you need to use it. If you happen to notice any warning sights or suspect something may be abnormal, it may indicate that something is wrong, and you should call Heatwave Heating & Cooling right away. Leaving your system on when it is not functioning properly can cause wasted energy and could cause serious damage.

Seal your ductwork

Leaks in an HVAC system’s ductwork is a major issue affecting homes nearly everywhere. On average, 30 percent of heating and cooling costs are wasted due to leaks in the air ducts. If you notice any indicators that there may be a leak, it is best to get that addressed as soon as you can.

Schedule Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is one of the most undervalued, overlooked offerings in the HVAC industry. Most individuals think that if their HVAC system is functioning that they shouldn’t worry about it. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Like changing your oil regularly in your car, you should have your HVAC unit serviced regularly.

For any additional questions or to schedule your HVAC system to be serviced, give Heatwave Heating & Cooling a call today!

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