August 17, 2022
AC Capacitor in Amherst, NY

Air conditioners are essential, especially during summer. When the capacitor fails, it can be a nuisance or, even worse, a threat to your family’s health. AC capacitors are the part of the air conditioning system which stores power to balance the amount of current per unit time. Without it, we cannot achieve proper working of air conditioning system. That’s why it’s essential to understand what a capacitor is and if you can replace it.

What Is an Air Conditioner Capacitor?

Air conditioners use a capacitor to improve the function of the compressor. A capacitor is an electrical component that can store an electrical charge. It removes variances in voltage and current in power used by the compressor, improving its performance and lifespan.

The role of the capacitor in an air conditioning system is to control the flow of power pumped into the system. This is done in many ways, such as regulating voltage between start-up and shut down, maintaining a constant current, or even helping to regulate pressure.

Is My Air Conditioner Capacitor Bad?

A capacitor is the most common thing to fail in an air conditioner. The first sign of a failing capacitor is when the unit does not cool as much as it used to or no longer blows cold air. Breakdowns are more common in a system with higher hours of operation than in systems with lower hours.

If you hear a buzzing or humming sound from your system, it could be coming from the compressor or the capacitor. When your air conditioner is on, your air conditioner capacitor is likely failing if you hear a loud buzzing sound.

If your energy bills are unreasonably high, it could be due to the capacitor failing to control the current flow from the compressor to the blower, using more energy than usual. This can happen if the capacitor is of a low quality.

If there is a burning smell coming from your unit, you may have a faulty capacitor. This is caused when the unit operates at high amps, and the air conditioner capacitor is old or has failed.

When you notice any of these signs, it’s time to have your capacitor tested. If the test proves that the component is no longer operating, you should replace it immediately to avoid further damage to your air conditioner. This way, you can enjoy reliable performance from your air conditioner system.

How Do You Test an AC Capacitor?

Call your local HVAC company and ask for a capacitor test. Your HVAC technician will determine and diagnose if your capacitor is bad. They have the right tools to perform the test and read the results accurately.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace an AC Capacitor?

Depending on the model of the air conditioner, the capacitor price will vary. The total cost of replacing your capacitor will depend on components and labor. While it’s important to know that more advanced models often cost more, like most other parts in the AC system, you should spend as much as possible to have a quality product that runs flawlessly in the long term.

Can I Replace My AC Capacitor Myself?

Yes, you can do it yourself, but only if the capacitor is accessible and easy to be removed or replaced. The first thing you should do when trying to replace your capacitor is to turn off the power switch of your system and remove the power cable from its outlet. This way, you will prevent an electrical shock during the process. You can do it if you have the right tools and the correct information.

However, be warned that when you are replacing capacitors yourself, you can damage your system. It is advisable to contact a certified professional to do the job to avoid further damage to your appliance. Heatwave Heating & Cooling in Amherst, NY will help you inspect and replace a bad capacitor in your air conditioning unit.

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