May 20, 2022
Window AC in Amherst, NY

Have you noticed an odd odor coming from your air conditioner? Is it struggling to pump out cool air as efficiently as it did before? AC window units need to be regularly cleaned and maintained just like any other household appliance. Fortunately, you likely have all the necessary cleaning supplies available right at home. Here’s how you can easily start a cleaning routine for your AC window unit this summer.

Simple Cleaning Routine

Before starting the cleaning process, turn your air conditioner off and unplug it. The most secure way to clean it is outdoors to limit the spread of dust and dirt in the house. If you have to clean it in the home, place it on a towel or plastic bag. You should also gather some rags, protective gloves, a fin brush and dish soap. If you’ve never cleaned your air conditioner before, you’ll also likely need a vacuum and a can of condensed air.

Begin by removing the front of your window unit. Depending on the model, it may come off easily by hand or with a screwdriver. You may even need to find the correct latch on the side. Consult with your unit’s owner’s manual if you have any issues. Once the front is removed, you’ll find the air filters. These can be taken out of the system and cleaned gently in the sink. Set them aside to dry while you work on the rest of the AC unit.

Without the filters in the way, you should be looking at aluminum fins with coils behind them. Start thoroughly cleaning the fins with your fin brush. You’ll need gloves at this point to protect your hands from potential scrapes and scratches. While you can easily find a fin brush at a home improvement store or online, you can also use a soft bristle brush. Clean the fins gently to ensure all of the grime is removed without causing damage. Fortunately, there are tools available that can work out any bends in the fins if necessary.

You can then move onto the evaporator coils. Use condensed air to blow away the dust and grime. Be careful not to hold the can too close to the coils and don’t breathe in any of the condensed air. After the coils are clean, use your rags and dish soap to scrub the edges of your window unit. Mildew and grime can accumulate below the fins and on top of the system. If you’re dealing with a lot of buildup, you can vacuum the area before wiping it down with a rag.

Once you’re done cleaning the unit, let it sit undisturbed for a few hours to dry out. You can then reassemble your air conditioner and turn it back on. You should notice an immediate improvement in its efficiency and smell.

Benefits of Regular Cleaning

Cleaning your AC window unit may seem like an impossible task. You may feel anxious taking it apart and wiping down the fragile internal components. However, regularly cleaning your AC during the summer is easy and can boost your system’s lifespan. You won’t have to tolerate a constant mildew odor or lowered indoor air quality. You’ll also experience lowered utility bills and fresher, clean air. Regular AC maintenance at home can prolong your system’s lifespan and keep it at maximum efficiency.

If you don’t feel comfortable cleaning your AC, bring in professional HVAC technicians. Along with having industry-grade equipment and expertise, they’ll also be able to appraise your unit for any potential damages. Cleaning your AC and relying on routine professional service will improve your ability to stay cool and comfortable this summer without struggling with huge monthly utility bills.

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