Heat PumpsIf you’re considering installing a heat pump in Buffalo, NY, you’ll want to speak with the heating professionals at Heatwave Heating & Cooling. We offer complete installs for residential property owners in our community. Traditional temperature systems typically provide separate heating and cooling units that depend on the same ducting system. Heat pumps move hot air into and out of a house without traditional ductwork. A heat pump system can provide both heating and cooling in one unit. Flip a switch when the time comes, and the system reverses heat transfer.

    With no ducting involved, you save money on the installation and upkeep of the equipment. Whole-house setups are possible by linking units to create a system that operates from a single source. Homeowners can also use this product as a single-room device. The team connects to an external source through an outside wall to pull air in and out of the home. It’s turned off and on using a remote control that allows for temperature adjustments and directional management.

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    We’ve got great news for homeowners looking for ways to solve hot and cold spots inside their residences. Heat pumps are perfect for temperature control in spaces you often use but find uncomfortable at certain times. Because they turn off and on so quickly, you ultimately control their use. You can choose a unit that only cools, heats, or operates as a dual system. If you want to continue using your central air and heat, add a few heat pumps for extra comfort.

    What benefits do homeowners gain by installing a heat pump?
    • Delivers consistent airflow
    • Easy to operate and maintain
    • Enhances indoor comfort
    • Offers increased energy efficiency
    • Operates quietly

    Property owners who use heat pumps pay less to operate them because they don’t require additional fuel. Depending on the model, the pump moves hot air back and forth using electricity or geothermal energy. This makes them an attractive, sustainable alternative to fuel-based furnaces.

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    Heatwave Heating & Cooling provides customers with NATE-certified technicians. We hire our team members for their skills and commitment to complete customer service and quality artistry. We believe in going the extra mile to provide timely turnarounds and solid results. Putting in extra work also means serving our community by supporting nonprofits and local charities. We’re a locally owned and operated family business. Our firm is also proud to be a BBB-accredited and A+-rated company.

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    Contact the team at Heatwave Heating & Cooling today tolearnt more about installing a heat pump in your Buffalo home.

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