April 2, 2024

Carbon Monoxide Awareness

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a deadly gas that you can’t see or smell, earning it the nickname of the “silent killer.” Gas appliances with a leak or a running car in the garage can release CO, putting your whole family at risk.

A CO monitor is your early warning system and the best tool for protection. It detects dangerous levels before you feel symptoms and gives you time to escape.

Install monitors on every floor, especially outside of sleeping areas. Test them monthly and replace them every five-seven years.

We support the Amanda Hansen Foundation

In 2009 Amanda Hansen lost her life to carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning from a defective boiler during a sleepover at a friend’s house. Since then her father, Ken Hansen has been on a mission to promote the importance of carbon monoxide detectors in homes. The foundation has also given away numerous carbon monoxide detectors and replaced many faulty home heating systems with new, safer ones.

In 2010 Amanda’s Law was enacted requiring every dwelling unit in New York State to have a carbon monoxide detector.

We support the Amanda Hansen Foundation and encourage you to watch the Amanda Hansen Foundation story, as told by Ken Hansen.